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Wired vs Wireless headset. Which is better?

When choosing a gaming headset, deciding between wired or wireless is one of the oft overlooked options. Wireless headsets are a popular choice but wired headsets have their own benefits. Read on for a list of factors to consider when comparing a wired headset vs wireless headset.

Choose a wired headset like the best-selling Ear Force X12Ear Force X12 for premium stereo game sound and crystal clear chat communications.

Wired vs Wireless headsets

When you shop for your next gaming headset consider the following factors:


Wired headsets won't suffer from interference from other commonly used wireless devices. A wireless mouse, Bluetooth device, or WiFi connection may cause interference with your wireless headset. This interference may lead to cutouts, intermittent cracking, or other audio disturbances. Winner: Wired


Wired headsets don't need batteries which is a definite bonus. A decent battery charger and batteries may cost $60. You may will also need to replace rechargeable batteries occasionally depending on use. Winner: Wired


If you have dogs, children, drunken roommates, or if you're a klutz, wires can be a tripping hazard. Many wired headsets such as the Turtle Beach XP7Turtle Beach XP7 include a breakaway cable to prevent your console from crashing to the ground but the potential for damage to your headset, console, or pride still exists. Winner: Wireless

Cable management

A wired headset plus a wired controller can be a tangled mess. Many headsets require a cable between the headset and controller. Winner: Wireless

Feedback loop

The Xbox 360 creates a feedback loop with some wired headsets. The feedback loop shows up as an annoying buzzing sound in your headset. You're more likely to experience this issue using a wired controller and wired headset. There is a simple solution for the buzzing sound. Winner: Tie, if you use the fix for headset buzzing noise.


Moving around the house is much easier with a wireless controller and wireless headset. Protip: Need to take a bathroom break? Mute your wireless mic first—and wash your hands! Better yet, take the headset off. Winner: Wireless


Some wireless headsets are not compatible with certain consoles or with the PC. Wired gaming headsets such as the Turtle Beach XP SEVEN usually include a standard 3.5 mm Audio jack. You may be able to connect your wired headset to the standard 3.5mm jack on your PC.

You can't connect directly to your PC with many wireless headsets.

The Turtle Beach XP SEVEN connects to the mixer via 3.5 mm. The mixer connects via USB; the XP SEVEN does work on most computers. Winner: Wired

Distance to screen

Consider the distance from your seat to your display. If you have a giant TV screen and sit far away you may run out of wire or at best need to buy an extension. Most wired headsets will work across the largest rooms. Winner: Wireless


No matter which type of headset you choose you may want to pick up a few accessories.


You definitely want a battery charger and rechargeable batteries. I use and recommend the Maha Powerex Wizard One MH-C9000 Advanced Battery Charger and AnalyzerMaha Powerex Wizard One MH-C9000 Advanced Battery Charger and Analyzer.

The Maha charger includes basic and advanced modes. In addition to charging batteries you can also recondition them. The Maha is one of the highest rated chargers on Amazon. It allows you to charge a combination of up to four AA or AAA batteries.

I also recommend Sanyo Eneloop batteriesSanyo Eneloop batteries.  Make sure you buy the newer 2000 mAH batteries.

Sanyo Eneloop batteries are a good value. You can buy 8 for around $20. They are competitively priced at Amazon but you may also find these on sale at Costco.


Buy Velcro reusable cable tiesVelcro reusable cable ties or plastic zip tiesplastic zip ties to help manage your cables.

So, which is better?

Wired and wireless headsets each have benefits and drawbacks. Both are better than TV sound.

After owning 2 wireless headsets for the Xbox 360 and many wired PC headsets I chose a both. I have a wired headset for my Xbox 360: the Turtle Beach XP7Turtle Beach XP7. I have two wireless headsets for my PS4: the Sony GoldSony Gold and the Astro A50 Battlefield 4 edition.

With previous headsets I experienced a lot of WiFi interference. Also, my batteries seemed to die at the wrong time.


I still use my Turtle Beach XP SEVEN, but I recently purchased another ASTRO A50 wireless headset (Battlefield 4 edition).