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Migrating from WordPress to Ghost

So my website got hacked last month. I caught it by chance. I connected via FTP to my server to check something and noticed a PHP file that looked out of place. Sure enough the source code of the file mentioned someting about the Virusa Worm and AnonGhost. I traced... Read More

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WordPress 3.6 Upgrade

Now that WordPress 3.6 is available I decided to upgrade WordPress without doing. Then my site broke due to plugin incompatibilities so I had to downgrade WordPress. Those instructions still work for a 3.6 => 3.5 downgrade. While you're at it you should try these steps to... Read More

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Wordpress read more has an extra paragraph in excerpt

While working on a custom Wordpress theme I wanted to switch from the default wordpress homepage (blog posts) to a static homepage. I couldn't get the [Read More...] link to appear on the same line as the post excerpt. Read more was just hanging out—awkwardly—between two posts. Keep... Read More

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