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Reducing spam with filters using the Genesis Framework

Here's how I saved myself time managing spam submitted to my site. It's all about the patterns My blog ranks high enough for certain phrases that I became a target for automated bot spam. At one point I was receiving 60 messages per day. While it may not seem like... Read More

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Looking to buy the Xbox One?

I bought a release day Xbox One. Here's a few issues that have been identified that might help you decide whether you even want to buy a next-generation console—let alone need one. Why I wouldn't buy an Xbox one if I had to do it over again I identified... Read More

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SASS Syntax Highlighting in Sublime Text 3

Enabling SASS syntax highlighting in Sublime Text 3 is super simple. This is for Mac OS X Mavericks so adjust accordingly for your OS and assumes Package Control is installed. cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/ git clone https://github.com/nathos/sass-textmate-bundle.git Close and reopen Sublime... Read More

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Buying an unlocked iPhone 5S

I was in the market for a new iPhone 5S this week when I learned Apple doesn't sell an unlocked iPhone 5S. You can unlock them easily. No special software Don't pay over retail price No special SIM card No need to send your phone in To buy an unlocked... Read More

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An honest ViralPayBot review: Don't buy it

I bought the ViralPayBot WordPress plugin as part of a JVZoo special for under $20. It seemed too good to be true. Turns out, it was. This is my honest ViralPayBot review as a user who purchased and tested the plugin. If you need a social sharing plugin use WP... Read More

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Setting up a dual monitor Mac Mini

Can the Apple Mac Mini run dual monitors? Yes it can. You only need a few basic items to set up dual monitors on your Mac Mini. Mac mini (source: Aurélien Selle) I have a newer model Mac Mini, but I suspect this will work with any Mac Mini that... Read More

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Looking for a Christmas gift for a gamer? I've got you covered.

Doing your shopping early? Smart! Here's a list of gifts for that special gamer in your life. More platforms, more problems Complicating things in 2013 is the release of two new consoles: the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Currently neither platform is backwards compatible with their respective legacy platform. If... Read More

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